Thursday, May 14, 12:00 (1 hour)

At our second online session, we learned a bit about what Lean thinking involves and how we can improve our client and community experience through applying it in facility design and construction. We even had a little taste of how Lean tools for design and construction.

George shed more light on how Lean brings us to Integrated Project Delivery, an idea we peeked at with Jen Hancock (Chandos Construction) in 2018.

See the full session about Lean Design and Construction, including 25 minutes of questions on Zoom. Refer to his slides, too (complete with bonus material).

Use password: 6b+P!*5N

About the Seminar

Mr. George Zettel, BSCE
Program Manager
Turner Construction

Presentation focused on:

Introducing Lean principles and methods in facility design and construction.

With Turner since 2003, George started his Lean journey in 2004 working alongside some of the very early adopters of Lean and Integrated Project Delivery for facility design and construction. George learned to apply lean on the projects he managed and was coached to develop lean behaviours and skills in other high performing project teams. George works to use tangible examples so people realize the benefits of lean thinking and continue their own lean journey to improve the quality of their lives and transform their peers, companies, projects, and communities.

George recommends reading a short backgrounder (5 minutes).

Learn more about the Lean mindset in Paul Akers short book, 2 Second Lean or find his work on Youtube.

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