Thursday, July 30, 12:00 PDT online (1 hour)

Using building analytic systems can improve your bottom line. These systems can continuously monitor your building’s energy performance and alert you when a fault arises or system performance falters. Offices, health care facilities, and schools use these powerful tools to shift from reacting to acting with preventive maintenance.

Analytic systems can

  • Leverage building automation systems data for deriving actionable information
  • Reduce energy use from 5 to 30%
  • Prolong equipment lifespans
  • Reduce inspection time
  • Monitor for building faults for the full building life
  • Improve occupant comfort

Immediately after construction, building analytics software can identify faults and opportunities during the warranty phase as well as the operating lifespan of your building. Building analytics software can also protect general contractors monitoring the building during the warranty phase: finding the root cause for issues and pointing the way toward remedial actions.

Also, during these current challenging times, building analytics systems can help you take care of unoccupied buildings. Are your unoccupied buildings running efficiently? Did you shut down systems correctly to limit energy waste and equipment wear? How can we bring building HVAC systems back online in the most effective and safe way possible? Buildings using analytics systems can improve how well you remove potentially harmful stagnant air and circulate fresh air for occupants.

About Your Presenter

Mr. Sunny Sandhu, B.Ap.Sc. (Mechatronics Systems)
Director of Customer Experience at
CopperTree Analytics

Sunny Sandhu, Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechatronic Systems Engineering from SFU, is CopperTree’s Director of Customer Experience. He focuses on working with organizations to understand what advanced analytics software can do and showcasing how you can improve energy efficiency, occupant comfort and facility operations.

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Presented by CopperTree Analytics

CopperTree developed KAIZEN, a data and energy analytics platform for building owners, facility managers and sustainability professionals. Using machine learning and advanced algorithms, KAIZEN turns building automation and mechanical system data into insights for your decisions. KAIZEN continuously measures, compares and evaluates the data. Armed with predictions and recommendations from KAIZEN, building managers reduce energy use, increase energy efficiency, and target maintenance efforts.

Partnering with PCL Construction in New Brunswick, KAIZEN reduced fan speeds in the building to save Miramichi Regional Hospital $75,000 annually. PCL used KAIZEN’s building analytics system to reveal hidden areas for improving mechanical system performance. The hospital significantly reduced fan speeds while still delivering required airflow to zones. Reducing fan speeds reduced the building’s total annual energy use 5%, or $75,000.

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