PSMA Vancouver offers professional development workshops and social events in Vancouver for professionals in the building industry.  The people listed below make those social events and professional development workshops possible.

Alex Mitro, P.Eng., LEED
Associate, Integral Group
PSMA President
  • Consulting mechanical engineer and project manager specializing building-mechanical systems
  • Practising building professional since 2002
  • Serving PSMA since 2013, and president since 2015
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Philip ONeill

Philip O’Neill, P.Eng, C.Eng.
Principal, O’M Engineering
PSMA Membership Chairman
  • Consulting electrical engineer, Electrician with Merit and LEED Green Associate
  • Practising building professional since 2012
  • Serving PSMA since 2017
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Nadia Krys, P.Eng., P.E., PMP
Manager Engineering Project Delivery
  • Marine and transit structural engineer in public service leading a team of project managers delivering capital infrastructure projects for Translink
  • Practising building professional since 2001
  • Serving PSMA since 2017
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Andrew Tashiro, P.Eng.
Senior Project Manager
WSP Group
PSMA Vice President
  • Consulting electrical engineer with strong business development
  • Practising building professional since 1989
  • Serving PSMA since 2018
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Shail Mahanti, P.Eng., P.E.
Retired, PSMA Founder
  • Consulting electrical engineer with experience in design, project management, company founding, mentoring
  • Managed an incredible range of diverse projects with unique needs
  • Practising building professional since 1960
  • Helped found PSMA Vancouver, serving since 1974
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Enoque Panzo, P.Eng.
Senior Project Manager
Turner Construction
PSMA Treasurer
  • Business development specialist practising virtual design construction, value engineering, foreign languages, and project estimating
  • Practising building professional since 2010
  • Serving PSMA since 2019
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Connor Falls, MRICS, PQS
Director, BTY Group
Event Coordinator
  • Consulting cost manager and project manager with expertise in project monitoring and public-private partnership as well
  • Practising building professional since 2005
  • Serving PSMA since 2019
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Simon Lee, P.Eng. PMP
Project Delivery Manager
Binnie Construction Services
  • Consulting civil engineer and project delivery manager on projects ranging from structural rehabilitation and residential construction to heavy civil infrastructure
  • Practising building professional since 2008
  • Serving PSMA since 2020
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Dave Ryan, P.Eng.
Project Engineer
Reid Jones Christoffersen
PSMA Sponsorship
  • Consulting project engineer with over 8 years international experience as a structural design engineer on a variety of projects in sectors including commercial, recreation, education, research, residential, industrial and aviation.
  • Practising building professional since 2005
  • Serving PSMA since 2020
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Christine Wang, AIBC
Iredale Architecture
  • Design architect and project manager for a broad range of facilities, including civic, First Nations, educational and commercial sites.
  • Practising building professional since 2007
  • Serving PSMA since 2020
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Marie Venneri, P.Eng.
AME Consulting Group
Events Coordinator
  • Design engineer and project manager for mechanical systems in residential, commercial and institutional buildings.
  • Practising building professional since 2004
  • Serving PSMA since 2020
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Jessé Neri, P.Eng.
Independent Civil Engineer
PSMA Secretary
  • Consulting civil engineer
  • Practising building professional since 2004
  • Serving PSMA since 2019
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Laurence Rumble, RIBA
Project Manager, VIA Architecture
  • Multiple-award winning architect and project manager specializing in transit projects
  • Practising building professional since 1995
  • Serving PSMA from 2016 to 2019
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