Alex Mitro, P.Eng., LEED
Associate, Integral Group
PSMA President
  • Consulting mechanical engineer and project manager specializing building-mechanical systems
  • Practising building professional since 2002
  • Serving PSMA since 2013, and president since 2015
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Philip ONeill

Philip O’Neill, P.Eng, C.Eng.
Principal, O’M Engineering
PSMA Membership Chairman
  • Consulting electrical engineer, Electrician with Merit and LEED Green Associate
  • Practising building professional since 2012
  • Serving PSMA since 2017
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Nadia Krys, P.Eng., P.E., PMP
Manager Engineering Project Delivery
  • Marine and transit structural engineer in public service leading a team of project managers delivering capital infrastructure projects for Translink
  • Practising building professional since 2001
  • Serving PSMA since 2017
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Andrew Tashiro, P.Eng.
Senior Project Manager
WSP Group
PSMA Vice President
  • Consulting electrical engineer with strong business development
  • Practising building professional since 1989
  • Serving PSMA since 2018
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Shail Mahanti, P.Eng., P.E.
Retired, PSMA Founder
  • Consulting electrical engineer with experience in design, project management, company founding, mentoring
  • Managed an incredible range of diverse projects with unique needs
  • Practising building professional since 1960
  • Helped found PSMA Vancouver, serving since 1974
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Enoque Panzo, P.Eng.
Senior Project Manager
Turner Construction
PSMA Treasurer
  • Business development specialist practising virtual design construction, value engineering, foreign languages, and project estimating
  • Practising building professional since 2010
  • Serving PSMA since 2019
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Connor Falls, MRICS, PQS
Director, BTY Group
Event Coordinator
  • Consulting cost manager and project manager with expertise in project monitoring and public-private partnership as well
  • Practising building professional since 2005
  • Serving PSMA since 2019
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Simon Lee, P.Eng. PMP
Project Delivery Manager
Binnie Construction Services
  • Consulting civil engineer and project delivery manager on projects ranging from structural rehabilitation and residential construction to heavy civil infrastructure
  • Practising building professional since 2008
  • Serving PSMA since 2020
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Dave Ryan, P.Eng.
Project Engineer
Reid Jones Christoffersen
PSMA Sponsorship
  • Consulting project engineer with over 8 years international experience as a structural design engineer on a variety of projects in sectors including commercial, recreation, education, research, residential, industrial and aviation.
  • Practising building professional since 2005
  • Serving PSMA since 2020
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Christine Wang, AIBC
Iredale Architecture
  • Design architect and project manager for a broad range of facilities, including civic, First Nations, educational and commercial sites.
  • Practising building professional since 2007
  • Serving PSMA since 2020
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Marie Venneri, P.Eng.
AME Consulting Group
Events Coordinator
  • Design engineer and project manager for mechanical systems in residential, commercial and institutional buildings.
  • Practising building professional since 2004
  • Serving PSMA since 2020
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Jessé Neri, P.Eng.
Independent Civil Engineer
PSMA Secretary
  • Consulting civil engineer
  • Practising building professional since 2004
  • Serving PSMA since 2019
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Laurence Rumble, RIBA
Project Manager, VIA Architecture
  • Multiple-award winning architect and project manager specializing in transit projects
  • Practising building professional since 1995
  • Serving PSMA from 2016 to 2019
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