Tuesday, May 2, 16:00 (4:00 pm, in person, 2 hours)

Explore what we have learned from Integrated Project Delivery projects in Burnaby, with City, Dialog, and Clark builders.

Please join us May 2 for a panel discussion on implementing the IPD Delivery Method in BC. Our panelists are from the City of Burnaby, Dialog Design, and Clark Builders.

The City of Burnaby will recount their experienced delivering various Fire Hall projects. Dialog and Clark will share their experiences with the University of Fraser Valley Student Housing project. The audience will have a chance to ask questions directly to our panel, too.

About your presenters

James Lota

City of Burnaby General Manager

Mitra Rafatjah

City of Burnaby Project Manager

Marion LaRue

Dialog Design

Aaron Gibelhaus

Clark Builders

Simon Lee

Moderator (Binnie)

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