Thursday, April 16, 12:00 (1 hour)

We joined the rest of the community to begin using online sessions to keep our events going in April 2020. Andy Carson shared an overview of Modular Construction with our largest audience yet, 57. Missed it?

You can see the full session, including 20 minutes of questions, on Zoom.

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About the seminar

Mr. Andy Carson, M.Eng., P.Eng, C.Eng MICE of WSP Engineering

Andy focused on:

  1. How to apply each type of modular building solution to modern building designs
  2. Recognizing and overcoming challenges of applying modular building solutions to conceptual designs
  3. Benefits of modular construction when compared to traditional techniques; including, but not limited to, cost and schedule savings, increased safety and improved sustainability compared to traditional construction

Andy is a structural engineer at WSP in Vancouver, originally from Manchester, UK. His broad project experience enables him exercise fluency in all primary structural materials and building types, including residential, commercial and industrial. No matter the building type, Andy has a passion for architecturally driven structural engineering, where he uses his collaboration skills to help bring architectural vision to fruition. Andy has been involved in several modular building projects within BC and has first hand experiences of some of the opportunities this solution brings, as well as the challenges that remain

RJC generously sponsored this session.
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