We have good ideas for the 3 spring sessions for this year. We are close for September and October. Yet, choosing a session and speaker for November remains difficult.

What do you think? Which of the ones below do you wish to learn about?

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Leading Ideas

  1. BIM Standards for local professional associations (liabilities, responsibilities, contracts, digital twins, virtual construction)
  2. Construction and tech tie-ins
  3. Broadway, South Fraser, and Skytrain updates
  4. Sustainable data centre design – (Michael O’Neill)

Other Ideas

  1. Capston station – architectural considerations of COVID19  
  2. Air management limiting recirculation, filtering air quality, air refreshing
  3. Changes to mechanical-systems requirements that could persist (cover past and changes) – as panel discussion
  4. Changes in corporate travel operations
  5. Climate resilience – Joint topic available
  6. Code changes
  7. Detailed diversity-in-workplace pledge from BC Builders Code
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