Thursday, March 18, 12pm (12:00 PT, online, 1 hour)

Burnout spans a wide range of experiences. Learn what burnout is, what causes it, and how to deal with it.

Understanding how to know when you or others need support empowers your team. With more people working at home, fewer chances to connect informally arise between managers, staff, and colleagues. Individual people cope differently with the evolving stressors in life, including adapting to this new workplace reality.

The bottom line: Burnout + Turnover = Lost productivity + increased costs

Learn how you can prevent, recognize and recover from burnout.



Zoe Younger, YZ Counselling


Part 1 – Etiology of Burnout

Part 2 – Recognizing Burnout – assessment tools

Part 3 – Recovering from Burnout – Sparking Joy! Optimism, resilience, resources & reinvention