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Thursday, June 9, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm on Zoom

On the road to zero-emissions buildings, embodied carbon has been recognized as a blind spot of the building industry, and effort has gone into mitigating the carbon emissions tied to steel, concrete, wood, and other structural & enclosure materials.

However, other major systems hiding within the walls of our buildings are not generally considered, but are made of some of the most carbon-intensive (per kilogram) materials – the systems that keep our buildings ventilated, sanitary, and powered.

As Canada works towards a zero carbon building sector, Passive House buildings are uniquely situated to support achieving some of the most drastic reductions in these blind spots within a blind spot.

Thursday, April 28, 11:30 am to 2:00 pm at the Sutton Place Hotel

Moderated dialogue on how the architecture-engineering-construction community creates business.  

  • What’s the one thing you would recommend a person starting out plan to do for business development?
  • “Where” do projects come from?

And much more…

Hear from a client representative, TransLink, Ms. Nadia Krys; a consultant representative, WSP, Mr. Andrew Tashiro; and from a builder representative, Kiese Technologies, Mr. Enoque Panzo (formerly with Turner Construction).

Each person will outline their businesses and how projects are created from each perspective. Then, we’ll dive into an open discussion with participants.

Join in the open networking session before lunch to make social ties. Following the lunch, the panel will begin. After the panel dialogue, join in another opportunity to build more social ties before leaving.

We invite you to actively participate in our first in-person session since 2020. We will follow all current public health orders and encourage each participant to attend safely.

If you are unwell, we will refund your ticket so you can comfortably cancel and help keep the people in our community safe.

Coarse agenda:

11:30 – connecting with each other
12:00 – lunch and learn
13:00 – further connecting

Your speakers

Nadia Krys, Translink – owner

Andy Tashiro, WSP – consultant

Enoque Panzo, Kiese Technologies – technology startup in construction space and former builder

Simon Lee, Binnie – moderator

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Thursday, March 10, 12pm (12:00, online, 1 hour)

Brief webinar for professionals to explore what a digital twin means for building and construction.


Your Presenter

Ben Ferrer (he/him) – Director of Virtual Design and Construction, Turner Construction

Ben holds a bachelor’s degree in virtual animation, and has spent the 22 years of his career working in the Virtual Design and Coordination space. leading international companies towards strategic, long-term, sustainable adoptions of Virtual Design and Construction technologies and processes.


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