Getting Rescheduled (4 pm, in person, 1 hour)

Learn about City of Vancouver’s low carbon requirements for buildings.

Small hiccup scheduling a venue to host our talk from our colleagues at AME Group. We intend to update you when we have a new place arranged.

Carbon emission penalties for buildings are increasing year over year as Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments implement their GHG reduction plans. The City of Vancouver has approved roll-out of carbon pollution limits (GHGi) and reporting for existing Part 3 buildings (Office/Retail/MURBs) over 50,000 sqft with a goal of zero on-site emissions by 2040. It’s anticipated that many other municipalities will also implement similar carbon pollution limits, which will require the existing building stock to develop or invest in an energy retrofit program to avoid or minimize the impact of the penalties.

This presentation will cover how energy retrofits can be phased into a conventional capital expenditure program where end of service mechanical equipment is due to be replaced. Discussions will dive into the changes building owners/managers should prepare for regarding financial, maintenance and tenant disruptions. The presentation will also identify capital incentive programs that are currently available to building owners/managers and how they can play a role in developing business cases for the energy retrofits.

Passionate about indoor air quality.

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