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Sep 16,2021 -     Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



Jason Santeford, Managing Director, Gensler Vancouver

Jessica Golding, Associate / Design Manager, Gensler Vancouver

Presentation Summary:

Work and workplace are forever altered, since the pandemic has turned “normal” upside-down. For the first time in history, work has been intentionally uncoupled from the traditional office. Overnight, we’ve learned new behaviors, adopted new technologies, and adjusted to new ways of working. How will this experience impact the way we work, engage, and build culture within our workplaces post-pandemic? How are our workplaces evolving to meet the needs of tenants and employees? How can we emphasize well-being not only within our workplace interiors, but also by incorporating outdoor accessibility into our workplaces?

Learning Objectives:

1. The impact of remote working: Through Gensler’s Workplace and City Pulse Surveys, we’ll explore how the work from home policy shifted the way employees want to work going forward, including why we’re seeing an increase in migration away from big cities.

2. Workplace trends: How are employee needs shaping our workspaces? We’ll discuss trends like the demand for more in-person/remote collaboration through technology, flexibility in schedule, and more open areas, less density of workspaces, more workplace focus on employee well-being both in and out of the office, etc.

3. The evolving role of the workplace: This pandemic has proven that we can still be successful and productive working remotely. So, what role does the workplace have going forward? We’ll look at the new hybrid workplace model and its value as a place of culture-building, collaboration, community, and well-being.

4. Well-being in the workplace: What is the new role of amenities in the workplace? We’ll share how new amenities can support a safer and healthier workplace both inside and outside (i.e. bringing the outside in, biophilia, etc.), and how these solutions can support well-being in physical space, policy, mind-set, and work/life balance.



Vancouver, BC


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