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After leading Facilities Services as the Development Director since 2008, Larry Waddell has spent the past year as the university’s chief facilities officer. With a strong professional history in both post-secondary and health care sectors Waddell has targeted key projects to improve the aging campus. With an ambitious five year plan already underway, Waddell is poised to create valuable progress across SFU. Larry Waddell will take over as SFU Facilities Services’ new director of facilities development in January 2008. Waddell has an MBA from McMaster University and an extensive background in facility planning and management in the B.C. healthcare system, including University Hospital and most recently at Vancouver Community College. Waddell’s responsibilities will include major projects and campus planning activities for all three campuses. His appointment coincides with a realignment of functions within the Facilities Services portfolio that will see three units reporting to the Chief Facilities Officer/University Architect: •    Facilities Operations (formerly Facilities Management) •    Facilities Administration (formerly Business Services) •    Facilities Development (formerly Campus Planning and Development). Associated with this realignment is the development of a Project Services unit within Facilities Operations, focused on renovation of existing campus facilities in order to improve delivery of time sensitive projects. The implementation of a Facilities Administration Unit is in recognition of the increasing need for data systems, financial reporting, and property management for close to $2 billion in SFU facility assets.

ASHRAE 90.1 – 2010 has significant changes including mandatory lighting
controls such as dimming, sensors, and mandatory commissioning requirements.
This requires a new approach to Architectural and Interior Design for
projects to ensure compliance with the new code. For example, atriums
require mandatory daylight harvesting control for all luminaires.
Renovations also require compliance with the code

Sunny Ghataurah, P.Eng., P.E., CTS®, LEED AP BD+C
Director, Applied Engineering Solutions Ltd.

Sunny has 20 years of experience in the design and construction of
electrical, lighting, and low tension systems.

The presentation will provide insight into how top firms are building strong leadership teams that are transforming their organization and creating a competitive advantage.

 Professional services firms typically excel at the technical aspects of designing, developing and implementing solutions but often fail at creating a culture and environment where employees are developed and equipped to lead. Firms must do more than develop good managers. They must create strong leaders. These are leaders that have the necessary soft skills that create a willing group of followers.  The best leaders are able to retain the best and brightest talent. They attain high levels of employee engagement and development.

Ralph will share insights and provide best practices to help attendees increase their leadership effectiveness and achieve greater personal and professional success.


  1. The importance of values and ethics to create a culture
  2. The leader as an internal change and growth agent
  3. The role of soft skills and E.Q. for building trust
  4. The role of collaboration, recognition, diversity and empowerment
  5. The core competencies of highly effective leaders

 “If you think you’re leading but no one is following, then you are only talking a walk.” John Maxwell

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